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Track Changes is a powerful feature in Microsoft Word that allows multiple users to collaborate on a single document. This feature is especially useful when working on a document with others, such as when editing a paper or drafting a report. In this article, we’ll guide you through how to use Track Changes in MS Word to collaborate on a document.

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Step 1: Turn On Track Changes in MS Word

Track Changes in MS Word
Track Changes: Review Tab

Turn On Track Changes: To turn on Track Changes, go to the Review tab of the ribbon and click on Track Changes. This will highlight the button and turn on the feature. Once Track Changes is turned on, any changes made to the document will be tracked.

Step 2: Using Track Changes in MS Word

Make Changes to the Document After turning on Track Changes, you can begin making changes to the document. As you make changes, Word will track them and display them in a different color. This makes it easy to see what has been changed and who made the changes.

Step 3: Add Comments in Track Changes In MS Word

Add Comments In addition to making changes to the text, you can also add comments to the document. Comments are a way to provide feedback or ask questions about a specific part of the document. To add a comment, select the text you want to comment on and go to the Review tab of the ribbon. Then, click on New Comment. This will create a comment box where you can type your feedback or question.

Track Changes in MS Word
Track Changes: Add Comments

Step 4: Review the Comments

Review Changes and Comments Once changes and comments have been added to the document, it’s important to review them carefully. You can use the Reviewing Pane to see a list of all changes and comments in the document. To open the Reviewing Pane, go to the Review tab of the ribbon and click on Reviewing Pane. This will open a panel on the left side of the document where you can see all changes and comments.

Step 5: Accept/Reject Track Changes in MS Word

Accept or Reject Changes After reviewing changes and comments, you can choose to accept or reject them. To do this, simply right-click on the change or comment and select Accept or Reject. This will either apply the change to the document or remove it, depending on your selection.

Step 6: Share the Document

Once you have made and reviewed changes, it’s time for you to share the document with others. You can achieve this by sending the document as an email attachment or by using a file-sharing service like Dropbox or OneDrive. Remember to save the document before sharing it to ensure that all changes are included.

Concluding Remarks: On Track Changes in MS Word

In conclusion, we can use Track Changes in Microsoft Word as a simple and effective way to collaborate on a document with others. By following these steps, you can easily track changes, add comments, and review and accept or reject changes. With a little bit of practice, you’ll be able to collaborate on documents with ease and efficiency.

Home » Blog » Track Changes in MS Word: A Powerful Feature